Brewing Efficiency Calculator

Brewing efficiency measures the percentage of potential sugar in the grain that was extracted into the wort.

Once you have measured the efficiency of your homebrew setup, you will be able to adjust the quantity of malt used in recipes.

How to use the brewing efficiency calculator

When using this calculator, you should enter the volume of wort in litres and the specific gravity readings. After this, you should select the grains and other adjuncts used from the drop-down lists (one per line) and enter the weight of each.

To calculate Brewhouse Efficiency, the volume of wort and specific gravity reading should be measured when the wort is in the fermenter, before fermentation takes place.

To calculate Mash Efficiency, the volume of wort and specific gravity reading should be measured when the wort is in the brew kettle, before it is boiled.

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I’ve included 7 lines for different grain and adjuncts which should be sufficient for most recipes. If you use fewer grains you should leave the weight displayed on the other lines as zero kilograms. If you need more lines to be added or have any questions, please get in touch by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

If the grain you are using isn’t listed, you should select a similar grain from the list. The table below shows the values used by the calculator for each grain.

The calculator currently only works with metric units, I plan to add imperial units at a later date (check back soon).

Extract Yields

The extract yields used by the calculator are listed in the table below and come from the spec sheets on the manufacturers’ websites.

The manufacturers used for reference are Simpsons Malt and Bairds Malt, other manufacturers produce similar products.

In a few cases, both manufacturers produce similar grains with the same name, in which case the average value is used.

Barley Extract Yield (LDK)
Amber Malt 270
Aromatic Malt 260
Best Pale Ale Malt 305
Black Malt 265
Brown Malt 270
Caramalt 265
Chocolate Malt 265
Cornish Gold 303
Crystal Dark 265
Crystal Extra Dark 265
Crystal Light 265
Crystal Medium 265
Crystal T50™ 265
Dark Caramalt 275
Dark Crystal 275
Dextrin Malt 255
Extra Plae Ale Malt 305
Finest Lager Malt 307
Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise™ 306
Finest Pale Ale Maris Otter 306
Flaked Barley 310
Flaked Oats 300
Flaked Wheat 310
Golden Naked Oats™ 265
Greenwich Crystal Malt 285
Heritage Crystal Malt 265
Hi-Dry Malt 304
Imperial Malt 280
Lager Malt 306
Light Caramalt 275
Light Crystal 275
London Lager 305
Low Colour Maris Otter 305
Malted Oats 230
Malted Rye 300
Maris Otter Blend 308
Maris Otter Crystal Malt 285
Maris Otter Finest Ale Malt 310
Maris Otter Low Colour 308
Maris Otter Pale Ale 308
Medium Caramalt 275
Medium Crystal 275
Medium Dark Crystal 275
Munich Malt 304
Pale Ale Low Colour 308
Pale Ale Malt 308
Premium English Caramalt 265
Red Rye Crystal 250
Rosated Barley 240
Scottish Ale Malt 310
Scottish Golden Promise 300
Simpsons DRC™ 265
Vienna Malt 295
Wheat Malt 315
Winter Pale Ale 308
Winter Pale Ale Low Colour 308