Brix to Specific Gravity Calculator

Refractometer kit

Use this handy online calculator to convert from Brix to Specific Gravity of unfermented wort when measuring with a refractometer. To calculate the specific gravity of fermented wort, you should use this calculator which adjusts the measurement for the presence of alcohol.

Refractometer Specific Gravity & ABV Calculator

Refractometer kit

Refractometers are used to measure the quantity of sugar dissolved in water. Compared to hydrometers, they have the advantage that only a few drops of liquid and needed and that the measurement doesn’t need to be corrected for temperature. However, the measurement is affected by alcohol, and the Final Gravity reading needs to be corrected…

Brewing Efficiency Calculator

Brewing efficiency measures the percentage of potential sugar in the grain that was extracted into the wort. Once you have measured the efficiency of your homebrew setup, you will be able to adjust the quantity of malt used in recipes. How to use the brewing efficiency calculator When using this calculator, you should enter the…

Alcohol By Volume Calculator

Taking a hydrometer reading at the end of fermentation

As wort ferments and turns into beer, yeast converts fermentable sugars into alcohol. Since alcohol is less dense than sugar, the alcohol content can be calculated by comparing the density of the finished homebrew with the density of the wort before fermentation.

Hydrometer Temperature Correction

Taking a hydrometer reading at the end of fermentation

The density of water varies with temperature. Hydrometers sold for homebrewing are normally calibrated at 20ºC (68ºF). If your wort or finished beer is not at this temperature, you should convert the specific gravity measurement using the calculator below.