What Happens If You Ferment Beer Too Warm?

Photo of an electronic thermometer used for measuring the temperature of wort when homebrewing

Temperature control during fermentation is one of the most critical factors in home brewing and significantly impacts what your beer tastes like. Yeast has a temperature range where it works best. At the higher end of the temperature …

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Do Beer Finings Kill Yeast?

Photograph of Irish moss, taken to illustrate the article about whether beer finings kill yeast

Finings are added to beer during the brewing process to help prevent it from being cloudy. They work by attaching themselves to protein molecules and yeast cells, causing them to sink to the bottom of the brew kettle …

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What is Brewing Efficiency & How Is It Measured?

Infografic showing how brewing efficiency is calculated

Most all-grain beer recipes published online and in homebrew books mention brewing efficiency or brewhouse efficiency. But what is brewing efficiency and how is it measured? Brewing efficiency is the quantity of sugar in the wort divided by …

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